Day 4

Morning meeting : everybody was up before 2pm.

Ramtitia was the director and she introduced by asking what the tasks or activities of the day were to be. The 8th rule was to speak all day in english. Ramxel proposed a boxing workshop. He also introduced his personal projects to the community : writing an essay regarding the limits to hypnosis, secondly making hypnotic videos to put on Youtube, thirdly putting his writings down on the computer and also starting a fiction story book.

Ramlentin finished his 3D gifs of us. RamPaz proposed that we prepare the things we’re going to draw on the city walls.

We had a nice breakfast and the weather was fresh and calm, with a beautiful grey sky , then we started to busy ourselves with our own projects. Rain soon came to dance with us but we finally came inside.

« Par cette religieuse après-midi d’orage où cent hordes de loups vont » Rimbaud.

We are waiting for Ramtho, and RamPaz and Ramxel are preparing dinner.

After dinner we began the poetry workshop : RamPaz recited three beautiful poems. Ramxel shared three of his poems with us, obviously great to hear. Ramtitia tried to read one but her phone was possessed by a demon. Ramthieu recited Verlaine’s poems by heart.

We went to the cellar, making interesting and weird sounds with a looper.

As a start on hypnosis, Ramxel began a relaxation seance with Ramhieu and I. It worked well.

Thomas joined us and we spent a long evening talking about our projects, then talking of philosophy – so some of us tried to escape from the endless road of knowledge’s desire by making noisy music and singing. Ramlentin played piano very nicely and Ramthieu sang, also RamPaz and Ramxel.

Ramdactrice : Ramtitia.